Friday, February 08, 2008

I hear you Denmark, i´m a comin´ this summer

In the beginning there was the thing and one thing led to another.

Biggie and 2 Tac

Left Creal, the 2 Chris left before me, and nearly got knocked down by a train and they came back.
It would appear Mexico isn´t too big on health and safety.

Washing hand´s after going to the toilet, good thing
Getting knocked down by a train and the conductor throwing his bicycle wheel at him, bad thing, very bad!! and off went the train ´Choo Choo, Bye bye´
Dont suppose the driver was checking his mirrors either, no driver does that. It´s more like ´Out of the way, i´m coming through´

It would be the exact opposite of Denmark (on a good day)

American Chris told me about Frank Black, now i´m passing it on to you

Next day after much hackey sack, one thing led to another and we left together for Chiwahwa together, and Why not, it was the next stop?

And (if i was in school, i would lose points for starting with an ´And´, Joyce did it, so feck school) checked into the lovely uptight hostel across from the Chiwahwa train station (which was a good and bad thing)

The hostel was good in that it was just across the road and we got there late, bad in that it wasn´t really a hostel, more like a convent for nuns that like to let their hair down and drink tea (i´ll get to the rest of that later)

In Creal, i wanted to get the bus to Chiwahwa, but it was snowing, then it wasn´t. But since anyone can drive, plus his cousin and half blind father.

I didn´t think anyone on the roads behind a wheel has done a course on defencive driving and has only learnt ´The hard way´. That morning looking out the window would have been one of those ´Hard days´, and i was reminded by Canadian Mike in the next bed.
I decided to go by train, that nearly knocked the boys down, much safer.

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