Thursday, February 14, 2008

Welcome to the Fuck Show, introducing Chris times 2

The old guy (sexual) Martin from the hostel Plaza in Chiwahwa, has a sideline business

Mosca + China = Dodgy soup (to me)

He´s got 9 kids, i asked him if he used any of the ´Mosca China´ product above, he told me his kids were all natral, he must fuck like a rabbit.

He also sells sunblock, he says its natuala, for 95 pesos for a little jar, you´d want more than protection for the sun.

All 3 of us after UK Chris puked in the French mans sink, USA Chris has 5 punctures and is hungover and bent over. USA is saying ´My fuckin´ head hurts´

USA Chris was saying how he was with a 41 year old when he was 19, went to her hotel, during the passionate encounter he called her a slut.
Her: Did you just call me a slut
USA: Er... yeah
Her: Cool, i haven´t been called that since i was a cheerleader

What can i say, did you need to know that?

Kiwi´s were here, if this was in a French mans hostel, he would have no respect, but it´s Mexican, so no one gives a shit (this was in the sink for days)

UK Chris was going on about Esquilax
A legendary horse, with the head of a rabbit, and the body of a rabbit

Gentle as a rabbit

He must be insane, or very sane???

Donuts say ´I love you´, the best kind, i love them too

This guy is a serious busker, he strums sings and plays the mouth organ at same time, the only thing is he cant play, he doesn´t know that!

Someone was telling me how they worked in a call centre, some one called in to say
´You truck is parked in fron of my house, and there is a guy in it masturbating.
A problem shared is a problem halfed, or a problem shared. Not that it was a problem to begin with , now i´m feeling a bit better. I wonder if the person calling in was feeling better, or had nothing better to do?

The guy in the truck was probably wondering why everyone in the office was laughing at him

New statue pose

The boys take 2 on leaving, slow motion has a new defination

The ´2 Chris travelling fuck show, takes them 4 hours to pack their bags that they unpacked yesterday.

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