Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hello me, meet the real me

Gave up beer, had my first Taquiela shot which left me feeling a bit like the guy in the video below

Meself and Joseph from Georgia (in the US of A) were having a conversation, here's what went down

Me:Blah, blah, blah...I have a blog, i think that writing is like a theraphy for me, but when some people hear that they say. "Theraphy for what ?"
Some people masturbate
Joseph: Everybody masturbates

Which through me into a bit of a delima, i need to rephrase the sentence
Everybody masturbates, some people like to have their balls slammed on doors(I'm so proud of that one, becaus i'm not into it, yet.... So i'm starting to think i'm missing out on something, but the something being not being able to walk for a month, so i'd doubt, maybe if i had balls of steel)

Went from Las Paz to Tono on the ferry, on the way i was able to recline and watch Hollywoods take on Noah and his ark (modern day of course). Noah is kicking ass, his boat rams congress in DC, that's Washington far from the sea DC.

He did have some cute Lamas, maybe they were twins, was incest rife on the ark?

And the all lived happily ever after

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