Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Been a long time been a long time, been a lonlely lonely....

Couch surfer Paty

Good news in, i turned 31 and i learn`t nothing, well i`ve learn`t something, i`ve learnt that i`ll never change, not for a while anyway.

But first let me `pose` a question.
If France attacked England from behind, would Greece help?, me thinks not, they might have had the first philosophers and Democracy and all that, but now all they have is dodgy kebabs, and huge bush fires whan dome hairy guy chucks his Malbro out the window, thats it!

Couch Surfer Andy with a Mexican bass player

Met up with Paty from couchsurfing last week, for the sunset hours, walked around the Malacon,listened to music, ended up in a restaurant with the owner, drinking Tequila, i remember him telling me how he used to be a barman, waiter and crackhead, not sure of the order?

Changed hotel, i`ve come to realise that guys hammering away at the wall outside my room is not `My thing`, changed to a much nicer one.

(Directors notes, actor looks left to the sunset and says meekly)
Met a hot French Chick out walking her Chiwahah and why not? Its a free world.

Been having a few Margaritas at sunset and other times too, i could get used to this life, 30 degrees too.

Heard a guy call his dog `Fiona`, Queen of the east, and if some guy on the beach said it,it must be true.

Was going to go to Luche Libre, wanted to go with a Spanish Speaker, she bailed. Next week, i will go with some backpackers, spanish speaking not nessicary

Started doing a Sculpture class, me some Wild Ladies from South LA, one was a grandmother, she told me that i should do art if i was a Pieces, so now i`m doing an Indonesian tribal mask, and it`s coming along nicely indeed, very happy about that.

My first day the calss was supposed to be from 10am - 2pm, i went to 3pm, time flew, the teacher Sergio told me i did too much, i was thinking of a similar Japaneese tattoo in NY.

Fujin and Raijin:
Japanese Mythology, Raijin is the god of thunder and lightning and Fujin is the god of wind. Both are frequently portrayed as "oni" (demon) and are often paired together.
Raijin is associated with snakes and is mostly portrayed as an "oni" carrying the sticks he uses to beat the drums that produce thunder.

My first class had lots of kids, i was the oldest (and best), for the first time in my life i was top of my class.

Birthday came and went, went to Paso Ancho to meet Kirsten and her neighbour. I will be house sitting for 10 days while she is in LA (west west y`all), over Kirsten and Andy, a break from the beach and probably about time

I was still parting on from the night before, i survived another birthday, thats the good news.

Check out our Billy, listen up and you might learn something

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