Saturday, March 22, 2008

Its Semana Santa, and i am doing my best to be on my best behavour

All photos are from Found Magazine

Hey puddy puddy, come out, i want to show you something

As i just mentioned, it`s Easter to english speakers, Semana Santa, Semana being the Spanish for week, it going on for 2 weeks, since most Mexicans are illiterate why would they care, and they dont, all they want to do is drink beer on the beach, and they do.

All the best music it appears is put on by the gay promotors, even during the day, the gay guys are listening to great music and the non gays have to listen to Mexican music or the sound of silence.

This would make a lot of sense as Porta Vallarta is a big gay destination.
I`ve been heading to the gay part of the beach, it`s been working for me

I moved back upstairs on Sunday, the lords day, and i was able to keep it, until i had 2 Margaritas in me, now no more of those.

On a plus i was reminded of my favourite DJ, DJ Margaritaville, that`s the only silver lining in this cloud, and i suppose it`s better than a kick in the arse.

I`ve been able to watch some Hurling from Ireland

There`s always a guy at the games in Ireland holding a banner that says John 3:7, now here what John 3:7 means

FOUND by Paul William Roberts in Baghdad, Iraq
I spent most of 2003 in Iraq covering the invasion for Harper's Magazine and the CBC. I found this poster in the rubble of a Mukharbharat (Secret Police) training center in Baghdad, April 21, 2003. The Arabic text reads: "When interrogating a suspect, do not leave your gun, wallet, and I.D. card on the coffee table." Ba'athist ideology in a nutshell.

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