Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cats eating the pot, will someone smoke the shit?

Andy`s neighbour, that only see`s him as $$, is giving him the `Hairy eyeball`, maybe it`s a good thing, maybe everybody wins, who knows?

Back to the beach, saw a gay guy on the beach and his shorts said `Property of Ireland`, Hmmm.........he was Mexican too and no Dublin accent either(there are no gays in Cork)

Saw another guy on the beach and he looked like Johnny Depp out of `Pirates of the Carabeen`, with the way `Pirates of the Carabeen 3` ended they could pave the way for a 4th movie, i wont be watching it anyway so they might as well make a gay sequil, there you go Hollywood, you have my permission, go wild

Now for some advice, i`ll put this under, stuff i read in a book with no pictures

You can never get away from the mirror

From the book `A new earth`
When you feel a compulsive urge to do something, take 3 bredths and ask yourdelf, `Who`s talking?`

I heard a Mexican say `Put the coin in the air` and they were talking about a 50/50 situation, amusing.

This could be out of Cheech and Chong

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