Friday, March 07, 2008

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so, so...........

Polar bear twin cubs born on November 30, 2007, have left their cave at Vienna's Schoenbrunn zoo for the first time.

So, after my canopy tour, i go back to my hotel, and change out of my shoes, and off i go strolling in my thongs/flip flops or just sandles.

Then i meet crazy Josh, and he wants to hang out, but first he needs an injection in his back. He told me he had a heart attack last week, when i left him last night he was about to smoke crack, a bit of a health issue there i`d say (and i dont know much about biology and it doesn`t know much about me)

After helping him with his Skype issues i`m off again, this time i`m on track to see the chick from Chicago Griese, i get as far as the corner of where she works when i meet Patty from America, she wants me to join her for dinner and a drink, i go for the drink, a birthday drink, a dangerous kind.

Then off we go to look at all the galleries, Wednesday is a good night for this and it was a blast, i walked her home, she was telling me she has pepper spray in her bag, she is after all from LA...

West coast shit

Then we go to some amazing galleries, and some more and more, then i call in to see the Chicago chick, walk her home then walk myself home.

Everytime i walk home here and the cops pass, they`re out and searching me and everyboday, it`s unbelieveable here, it`s like they really want to catch you with something so they can go out and buy a new tv.

Then i meet Josh the crazy American and it`s more partying and the like.

When i woke up this morning i was told the guy from Texas flipped out shouting in the dorm and the kid from New Mexico had him kicked out, the kid had enough and out he went, fair enough

Backpackers in empty, i`m home alone, doing art, suffering for my art, nothing is permanent

So now i need to buy a new phone, it`s much easier to meet people.

If i had just stayed with the shoes, maybe things would have turned out diffently

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