Friday, March 07, 2008

Someone out there has my camera, but i still have the words !!!!

Last year when my bag got stolen in South America, it was funny

Now it`s 2008, and it`s not funny, not funny at all.

I come out of crazy American Josh`s hotel last night and he bends down and says thats a nice sarong, i`m thinking `That looks familiar` and it should have been, it was mine, my bag was next to it, and notebook further up the road.

This is South America, Noooooooo!!!!! Afraid so buddy.

Just like last year in Quito, people will steal just about anything, except for old notebooks (that might or might not contain wonderful insights and sketches and the like.

So just like last year, i have to resort to words, because no one will steal them, sad but true.

Yesterday, well take a look for yourself, it was something like this

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