Sunday, March 16, 2008

Living the life in Paso Ancho

Photos are from blogger

Flies were getting bad, maybe i was getting tasty, not sure, the only thing for it was to bring the rubbish down to the road.

I have no camera to capture `The serenity`, but i can see a mobile phone transmitter and there`s excellent coverage here, but not in the centre, where it`s needed more, you get the picture.

Which reminds me of a great Australian movie, The Castle

Every day here is perfect, if 30c is your idea of perfect, not sure how Mary Poppins would cope, `Do you have a bikini in that bag luv?`

I`ve been hanging out at Cheeky Monkey for the $1 Margaritas, sooooo good!!

Crazy Josh gets kicked out of the hotel, for being loud after smoking crack and arguing with the owner, that will always get you kicked out, he wasn`t just working there.
So one of the Canadians is in the shower, Josh storms in and says `Thats the smallest weiner i have ever seen, with 2 little marbles.

The chick from SF told me how she went to crash at the Canadians place and the bigger Canadian stone maison was lying on the bed naked waving her over, she opted to sleep next to the quiet guy that opted for a all clothes approach, what was she thinking?

Went to the Brazilan BBQ with the chick from SF, Jenny, Unbelieveable meat on skewers and all you can eat, holy shit!!!

Getting pretty used to Paso Ancho, i wonder if Judy would arm wrestle me for it

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