Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One note book is full and another one awaits......empty!!!

Last 2 pages in a note book that some thief didn`t want, i know this as he chucked it on the road. His loss really, or maybe i`m just under estimating him, i guess i`ll never know.

The day i was supposed to be moving to Paso Ancho, house on the hill with hammock st up, cheers Ms C, i was lying on the beach, working on my tan, minding the stuff for the Aussie and Kiwi, that are way worse than me, but thats Australia for you, as Norah Jones would say `Feels like home`

Then there`s `Notorious BIG`, got Andys iPod the other night and was listening to BIG after Norah, the more i think about it, i must be going mad?

Back to the Aussie and Kiwi, lets give them names, Scottie (the Kiwi) and Peter from Brisbane, the guy from NZ could have been convicted for wasting police time.

But `Time is a motherfucker, it can be great, it can be late`, he was out one night and lost, so he started dialling pizza delivery services after his taxi driver brought him the wrong way.

He rang emergency services and said he was being chased by a gang, sure enough cops rock up expecting action and they went lookiing for this gang, no one was to be found and dropped hime off at a hostel he was staying at, but not paying for, he couldn`t remember what room number he was in, so he knocked on all the doors until he go the right one and woke up a whole bunch of Asian`s in the process.

That story reminds me about the Dutch kids resently in NZ that damages a rental van and told the cops they were held up with a gun, the details will be forever `vague` in my mind, but thats no great suprise, are you suprised?

It`s the only brain i have, and beggars cant be choosers

So the Dutch kids in a way of `explaining` how the van was damaged came up with a `story` (no happy ending, bare with me)

The story contained details of how someone pulled a gun on them, good story, except the people of NZ were outraged and wanted to find the guys and know more, except there was no more, because it didn`t happen.

It was just a story and if it did happen it didn`t happen in `Real time` or `Real life` and if you say something happened, you`d better check that it happened in `Real life`, `Real time` or the past will do before you go the cops with it.

Other wise you will have problems, the Dutch guys did, oops??? No one told me!!

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