Sunday, March 16, 2008

It`s supposed to be all about the words now,now i don`t got no camera

A hot air balloon floats over the temple-studded plains of Bagan at dawn

Vicky Pollard, on the bus

First words in my new notebook, and since the last one was such a success, on many differnt levels, one of the most important ones being, no one will steal it.

The first words were Soap, Toilet roll and hammock, all of which were purchased (only because i wrote them down), see what i mean, very handy hammocks, you can sit in them all day......thats it and i do

Vicky Pollard, Little Britain

Highlights this week would include, i started painting the mask, to day i finished it, since no camera i have, i will have to wait until i get a camera from someone.

Today was day 15, exactly half the month of March, i survived my birthday, now all i have to do is get throught the rest of the month and get travelling again, time goes fast, so slowley.

Should be glueing the wax model of the mask back together, i`m learning things

Nearly finished reading David Sedaris

6 to 8 Black men by D. Sedaris

Still have to meet up with couchsurfer Gustavo, i`m on it, the benifits of having a mobile is someone can ring you up and envite you for a drink, that scenario is happening later, just like that, too easy indeed, but watch out for the low sperm count as a result of having that phone in your pocket!!!

Tibetan Buddhist monks are pictured during a ceremony at the historic Labrang Monastery in Gansu Province

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