Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday and Tuesdays madness is over

Zip a dee doo dah, zip a dee day

Oh hello, i didn't see you there.

Well since the last time i 'Seen you', i updated my blog, now i'm doing it again, i normally feel a little better when i read back over it when i'm 40 sitting at a desk somewhere, thinking about how i haven't done nuttin in my life and going on a holiday, hopefully by that time i will be into drinking green tea on a Friday night and possibly thinking of enrolling as a Tibetan buddist monk

But as Groucho Marx would say, 'I wouldn't want to join any club that would have me as a member', fair enough.

Some of the last stuff i wrote here turned out to be interesting, according to Mystery the pick up artist. If you say an interesting thing, that's an interesting point, if you say 9 interesting things, your an interesting person', like whatever? Whatever indeed.

'Whatever', is a term i seem to have adopted of recent, this seems strange as i haven't been watching Baywatch, or any TV shows worth mentioning, hmmmmm.......strange

Paddys day last year, Aussies came over for cocktails

Chris from Minnisoda, in the US of A, was telling me about this Ad_hominem, a technique of instead of addressing the point, one of the parties insults the other, all of a sudden, Bill O' Reliey's interview techniques are clear

Someone was telling me about Jonathan_Lethem

Want more?

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Anonymous said...

Hey from NY, Happy Paddy's day!!!

I was telling Jax about that randomness that was last years.

Hope your travels are fabulous! I'll be in Costa Rica this summer if you'll be around,