Friday, March 21, 2008

Second verse it gets worse, it gets no better than this

A hummingbird moves in to drink nectar from blossoms at the Fullerton Arboretum, California

Jenny from San Francisco VIA Argentina was telling me about a dream she had recently

She was dreaming about nun´s, yes nun´s, except these women came running out of somewhere saying `We are the sisters of perputial indulgence`, if only i could have been there.

Anyway, she was making out with the nunes, they wore brown habbits and miniskirts. The nun´s were hot, i`m told. She must have been dreaming, which she was.

Stuff i used to listen to a lot, Jason Becker

You can listen to his new stuff on his Myspace account
Kirsten was saying she`s heard more sex coming from the upstairs apartment, than she would like, bad thing, good thing? It´s something......i guess.

It was Paddys day a few daze ago, i stayed in, to be fair since i´ve been here, it´s been nothing but good weather, except Paddys day, it was overcast and raining, very irish, i stayed in and watched TV, very nice

Homer Simpson quote i like, ´All that drunken singing is ruining St Patricks day´.

Someone told me about Charles Baudelaire

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