Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tell it like it is

I finished reading a book today called `Life is so good`

It`s the story of how a guy learnt to read a 98 years of age, great story

Moved on to David Sedaris

Then there`s his sister Amy, very funny

Back to me, or should i say David Sedaris, i feel very normal reading him, in the land of the constant `Cock a doodle doo`, no joke, there`s a constant stream of `Cock a doodle doo` from early morning, before the sun stick it`s head into this hemisphere till night, go figure?

If i had a bb gun and the permission to open fire on all cocks that were pissing me off, everyone would be eating grilled chicken for a month.

I choose not to get too upset, live and let live, or so they say, who ever `they` are, indeed.

My fellow couchsurfers have a blog
, everyone gets an alias in their stories, i told Andy not to bother giving me an Alias, good idea or bad idea. I told him to tell it like it is, drop it like it`s hot

It`s not like i`ll ever be elected for anything, maybe `Most likley to fall on his ass`, a sweeping victory.

Something serious......not for Mexico, something for the readers up North
Survival stuff travel-safety-channel

One note book is over, no more pages

The end

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Lorenna Hanssen said...

Hey you!

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Im going Ireland soon, and I met a lot of nice amaaaaaazing ppl here, just read it an think about it. With one girl from USA and another one from Ireland, and one guy from Greek and other from Norway (yes...so international ..!!) we will do something for Saint Patric, just in case you are in Argentina.