Friday, March 21, 2008

And another thing

No more Margaritas early in the day, if i do that i'll be fine, i hope.

Been hanging out at a $1 margaritas place for sunset drinks, and things have been a little bit too crazy, too crazy indeed, no more, that will be all.

Rory Gallagher

America Chris was telling me about a book called 'Many lives many masters'

2 Canadians i met last week were called 'Scooter' and Ted, who the fuck calls their kids Scooter and what were they on, or what was the bet? I'd like to think there was one and they lost, so now the kids name is 'Scooter', lovely, now the kid will get beaten with an ugly stick for the rest of his life, just lovely.

Bruce Mathskie

Oscar Wilde
a good man for a quote, dont quote me on that one!

Iberian traders were the first to introduce tobacco to asia, where is Iberia?

One i wrote already, 'Trust levels are a good indicator of a countries economic growth'

Sheryl Crowe

Jennys friend from Canada, took up for a drink the other day, 5 of us in total, in a car with 2 seats, so 3 of us go on the back over the engine, with out legs hanging over the spoiler, the Canadian was driving pretty fast too especially on the corners, anybody else would have said transporting 5 people in that car was impossible, well it was time to think outside the box and he did, well done Canada.

I took Jenny from San Francisco, to a gay bar, what a crazy night

The same Canadian (he was a bit crazy) told me his mother love's strip bars, and used to hang out at a whore house all the time and was madly in love with a good looking pimp, until he got shot and she ended up hooking up with his dad, lucky for him, i guess.

His dad told him this pimp was so good looking he (the dad) would have had sex with him, hmmm, seems like a strange type of dad to have?

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