Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My notebook is full, a bit like me, and i`m house sitting for Ms C

All images are from foundmagazine

Well things have changed since i`ve last conversed with you, changed in my head more than anything else.

It now appears that i will have a choice of rooms by the time i get back to Cork, the fire still hasn`t been finished, but the plumber`s are coming tomorrow, the fire is still going in, we started when i was last back

But first, introducing Andy and Kirsten, they are `super`, without the toasted cheese sandwiches

Who are they, but my neighbours of course, i`m living upstairs, they live downstairs, which reminds me of the series, upstairs downstairs
, i used to watch it all the time, i once got the DVD out at the library and watched it once, one of many dirty little secrets.

Andy really like`s this

This week i`m filling in for Ms C, want to know more, check it out

But how am i feeling?

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