Friday, March 21, 2008

Send in the Clowns, the good ones only, please

Well, i was walking to the Centro and i thought of something, the $1 Marggaritas place.

Meself an Jenny met this couple the other day, young couple. She told me she was once molested by a clown, he `Fondled` her breast`s, then she proceeded to grab my `Man boobies`, now her husband is sitting across from us and she indicate for me to grab her breast´s, i decline.

She says `Whats he going to do, he`s a weedy fucker, he wont do nothing´

She seemed to have made a full recovery, and they left, then things went down hill from there. The more the Margaritas went in, the more the slim shady come out in me, time he was killed off like a South American soap opera, hit by a bus to be replaces by his good looking younger brother (in training for the priest hood) in the leading role, that ends up being seduces by the leading lady, for this epesode.

Took this in Auhus, Denmark last year

As Dr Dre would say, `Lets get ready for the next episode´

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