Friday, April 04, 2008

It`s always sunny in Porta Vallarta

Elizabeth Taylors house

Well, since the last time i left you, i went from hanging out in Paso Ancho, to hanging out with Diana from Canada, to hanging out in Yelapa, blame Canada, now meself and Diana are after getting a tent to go back for a week or 2 (until she give me half the cost i cannot be kicked out)

I bought a tent, Diana bought a sleeping bag, i think we both will be on our best behavour.

Highlights of Yelapa would include a dog that came up to meself and Diana and was pratically standing on us, then he started licking her chest, he was doing a better job than me, it was a learning experience, i wonder does she miss him (the dog)?

Tattoo`d lady, Diana`s arm

Diana was telling me how when guys in bars would be chatting her up she would say `You dont like girls, you like boys`, one time a guy said `I`m married` and how she would pust guys out of the way and say `Get out of town buddy`, very funny, i haven`t been encouraged to get out of town, maybe there`s something wrong with me?

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Door Marked "Pirate"

Diana was telling me how one of her friends would get drunk and say `Punch me in the face`, interesting

When someone would call her during `The Simpsons`, she would say `Simpsons`, then hang up, impressive stuff.

Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold (live in concert)

I was thinking of this, quality
Ennio Morricone - Il ├ętait une fois dans l'Ouest (Concert)


Wombat rape ordeal turns NZ man Australian
Traumatised victim spouts Strine

A NZ man who rang emergency services claiming he'd been left speaking Australian as a result of rape by a wombat has been sentenced to 75 hours' community service, reports.

Nelson District Court heard earlier this week how on the afternoon of 11 February, 48-year-old orchard worker Arthur Ross Cradock initially phoned the police communications centre threatening to "smash the filth" if they came to his Motueka home, but confirmed he had an emergency.

A second call revealed the exact nature of the crisis when Cradock told the operator: "I've been raped by a wombat."

Cradock requested police intervention, but shortly after called for a third time to cancel. He said: "I'll retract the rape complaint from the wombat, because he's pulled out. Apart from speaking Australian now, I'm pretty all right you know, I didn't hurt my bum at all.''

Cradock was subsequently charged with "using a phone for a fictitious purpose". Police prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer told the court "alcohol had played a big part in [his] life", although defence lawyer Michael Vesty claimed booze "was not a problem that day".

Judge Richard Russell unsurprisingly admitted he was "not quite sure what motivated Cradock to make those statements to the police", and in sentencing warned the defendant "not to do it again".

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