Sunday, April 06, 2008

Trip to Yelapa

Sunset drinks

Meself and Diana went for a walk in Yelapa after watching some birds, lots of birds, vulchers too, wandered into some kind of beautiful secret garden that normally hosts groups of people with lots of wierd and wonderful art, plants, horses and stuff, our host looked like `Jaws` from the James Bond movie `Moonraker`.

In the end of bond movie, he gets the girl, the last time we saw him, the horse he was walking bolted and he was chasing after it, we had to laugh, he got no girl, dogs are much easier to walk, he should get a dog.

Our host

I thought he asked Diana `Do you rhyme`, she said `Yes`, i was thinking, `I didn`t know she rapped`, what he asked her was `Do you ride`, what was i thinking?

Art teacher Sergio

Our host (see above) showed us around, in the end we were lying in a suspended dug out boat, we will be back to that boat in a few days.

Went back for a long shower and then i fed Diana bananas, oranges and a tomatoe (it`s a fruit, no matter what way you pronounce it)

Diana asked me if she could squash a banana in my ear for a laugh, how could i disagree with that logic, and funny it was!!

Went to the pier and some big yacht was parked opposite, dad and son were retrieving all the women from the beach, i shouted over `Give us a beer` and they did.

I said, we were only joking, they said they weren`t, too funny!!
They must have felt gulty about being rich. It would have been really funny if they were my servents and i was just pretending to be poor, just to be like everybody else, i wasn`t.

Diana makes new friends

After the beer, Diana said `Thanks for a lovely day`, i said `It ain`t over yet`, i remember saying `It ain`t over yet` 3 or 4 times that day.

Walked to the Centro, met an Oregon couple that didn`t smoke, i asked them if they were swingers. They had `A bun in the oven`

Had a Quesoadia and watched some soccer across in a pool hall from the South American league, America i think were playing.

Drifted back and called into Michael`s tent and watched the stars, perfect place for it, not too cold either.

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