Sunday, April 06, 2008

200th Post`s later and i`m still going strong

2nd Mask is finished

Went to Yelapa and got talking to a guy called Michael O`Callaghan from Oregon who went to an O`Callaghan reunion in Cork, all because of the `People`s republic of Cork` t-shirt.

He was from Alaska, couldn`t imagine any O`Callaghans from Glanmire going to anything like that.

He told me Cromwell blew up the castle in Mallow, when Cromwell wasn`t killing Irish people he was selling them into slavery, that was going well until the Irish slaves started organising rebellions, then it was a case of `No more Irish`, seems like a good strategy.

Listening to music at Blue Chairs with the boys, hot stuff

I read `The great Gatsby` last week, i came across a line `I`m thirty years old, 5 years too old to lie to myself and call it honor`, worth thinking about i think.

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Andy Rice said...

You're out of your fucking mind. I love that gatsby quote, though.