Sunday, April 06, 2008

Missed the boat from Yelapa, had a very nice time on the beach

Michael and Diana

Left my notebook home alone, will try and remember all the `little notes` from memory, and from memory all i can think is, `Why bother, too many brain cells have been killed to do this`, oh well, on with the show

Vallarta beach

Michael escorted us to the pier to get back to Vallarta, he seemed more conserned about us getting back than we were, we got `Hugs for the road` and the 3.30 boat, and back to Art class and a sense of achievement achieved, excellent.

Diana and meself

Michael, the 64 year old guy from Alaska was telling me how every tree has it`s first years growth, every tree had signs of damage from every storm it had endured, likewise the 3-8 year old is in everybody.

He likes to tap into the 3-8 year old in himself and collect feathers, swim, build rafts, throw rocks at things, pull frogs apart, piss on things ect......

He was saying Yelapa was the perfect place for kids, you can do all the above, sure the parents are a drag, but you can get away from them, all this from a 64 year old

I love it so much i just want to SMASH IT!!!

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