Monday, May 12, 2008

The meaning of things.......and another thing

Home sweet home

As Tom Robbins might say, `First there was the thing and one thing led to another`

What does it all mean i ask, am i any closer to where i am going, depends where i was and where i am going, and some times i`m not sure of any of these 2 points, which insignificant as they might be, are pretty important (physiology students sit upright and pay attention)

I like cats, thats normal isn’t it?

One thing i found on the net was one of many books google have been scanning, hopefully this all means something to you, forget meaning, just keep going.

Well this week marks the blog domain change, something more logical, meaningful and more difficult for the the ´snitches´ who have been eating too many mars bars, i only have love for them (the mars bars)

Now for the local news that`s fit to publish on the net (and since i`m doing the writing, editing, sweeping up in the back room to making all the tea`s and coffees)

Does this sound like your cup of tea? No? Maybe you`d like something a bit mature, or maybe you`d like to watch some TV, no problem, go here, bye, bye now!

Now for the round up of Yelapa, while i`ve been busy, shooing the residental cats with a broom (and love), Diana has been Soooing my favourite beach dog `Bambi` with a bigger broom and love.

It seems that Bambi, like me just doesnt understand the point of having wild ferral cats around and in your house and took off after them and did a pretty good job of clearing them off, Diana was not happy with Bambi, the poor dog, in the movie Bambi`s mother was killed after a hunter killed it with a gun, such a sad story, i wonder was this the story of his life too?

Bambi really likes milk and i`ve discovered, if you give him milk in the morning, he`ll stick with you for the whole day, so i gave him milk this morning and off we went to the beach, what a lovely day.

Dogs and chickens getting on, the rooster here has 1 leg, that

We came back as 3 (Diana meself and Bambi), the term `3 is a crowd` came to mind and for the first time in my life i actually understood what that term meant.

After chasing the poor dog around the house and down the garden like a mad woman with the broom, Bambi stopped and stuck his 4 paws in the air (there is only love in his heart), it was all pretty funny to watch, with a cat inside looking down at me as if to say `Is he still out there`

I like to talk with the animals, walk with the animals...

He kept his distance until the crazy lady went in for a bit and when i was inside i could see him lying under the window, except he had knocked heaps of pots over lying where one of the cats normally sleeps.

He actually woke up one of the cats yesterday sleeping in the same place, before all hell broke loose.

The YESI Spanish school was no more `Cat infested` as it had been described by a past student, no job is too big or small for Bambi.

Bambi and Diana, happier days on the beach (no cats)

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Diana said...

In all fairness, Kieran, it´s not exactly our house or our cats (wild or not), so I don´t think we should really be bringing in someone else´s dog into this whole environment. Plus, if the two of you really are in love as you say you are (and as he´s shown by humping you on the beach), then you might also be concerned about the fact that he´s supposed to be on medication and you´re luring him away from his owner (tempting as you are). There.