Monday, May 26, 2008

Reflections on the new me.

The great wave by the Japaneese artist `Hokusai`

Where has all the energy gone? I was lying on the couch after having one of many `Nanny Naps`, `No, energy, what is happening to me`, and then I realized I haven’t been eating much meat recently.

When I first went traveling I only had the cheapest thing on the menu, which was always NOT the meat option.

Man and his dog having a nap on the beach

So not much Iron was in my system, this was when I first got to Melbourne and I hadn’t had meat in months.

So spare ribs it will be later, full order thanks.

Dianas elephant

With all the lying around, the RPM`s have gone down a bit, but I now understand the Yelapa `Attitude to life` and how things take forever to get done.
This week all I have done is wave up, eat, sleep, read, surf the net and generally do nothing. Welcome to Yelapa.
And then there is the hammock which fits perfectly every time.

People here say `I will do it`, that can mean `I will do it in the next 6 months….or so`
My favourite director

Words from Alexander Dumas, `Where speculation is concerned, man proposes, money disposes`

Happy days, here comes the sun....

Words from Diana `These fuckin flies, if I was a kid in Africa, I’d kill myself`

Did you know all of Africa used to be called ´Libya`?

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