Monday, May 05, 2008

Been a long time, been a long time

From Found magazine

Many things have happened since i last wrote something, and now here`s something else
Looking at tickets back to the old country yesterday, Diana says `What about New York`, what indeed, since i will have to go through somewhere like New York, why not stop off there?

Why not, since i already know the place, and the place knows me, why not indeed, this time i wont try and strike up a conversation with people because Diana will be there too, makes sense the more i think about it, not going to think too much, thinking can be bad.

Broadway here i come......again, cant wait!!

Good old book burning, featuring Bill o Reily

Found that book when i first got to Yelapa, it had excerpt`s from his interviews, i assumed the role of Bill O Reiley, memoriable quotes include `Come on, this is America`, what a tool, he had to burn.

From Found magazine

Diana and Bambi

Bambi is everyones dog, i met the woman Claudia that was given him, he calls to see her every few days, the morning that picture was taken i saw Babmi with Claudia in the shop, his tail was wagging in the shop, he was very nearly knocking stuff off of the shelves.

Claudia had just given him Pasta and bones and she was sure he would stay for a few days, i left the shop, he followed me, i gave hime some milk, he stayed with us all the day, he even wanted to come into the tent in the afternoon, someone should tell him he`s a dog

From Found magazine

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