Sunday, May 25, 2008

When all yea got is aids, you gotta make lemonades

Week 3 into living the same house as

1 Canadian (of the female kind)
1 Dog (without his balls) that hates cats
2 house cats (semi ferral)
Numerous other cats

...and all is well, so far, nobody has gotten dead...yeat, nobody has even lossed an eyeball

Found a book in the house by a guy called Robert Mc Lane, it`s called `Stop war America`
He even had the drill sargent from ´Full metal jacket` as a drill instructor, before he went to war he was pretty traumatised, he put his religion down as `Hippy` before being sent to Vietnam and spent a month smoking joints before being picked up and sent back, makes sense to me.

Since i last left you i learnt about`Straw man`, tactics, interesting to know, makes more sense every time you see Fox knews or Bill O`Reilly in action.

Been listening to Radio 1 on Dial up, Crankin` it up and banging it out.

Go to to see how long they think you will live, as you can see, i`m 24.4 years old and going to live till i`m 83.4, who would have thought that one?

Healthy me

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