Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WReading, Writing and WeReading, all the R`s

´Bambi´ AKA ´Sultan´ on guard

I was reading a book called `Ireland` by Frank Delaney, want to read an excerpt?

Well to start off, i might say i learnt a few things (well i was reading a book with no pictures!)

Ireland is 434kms long and 225kms wide, so you`d never be more than 112 kms from the coast line, which might seem like a long way, but not in other countries (thats where i am, one of the other countries, Mexico to be exact)

On with the learning of things and all things Irish

795 - Danes invade

795 - 1170 Medieval period, more reading

460 - Confessio of St Patrick

1014 - Battle of Clontarf

1170 - Arrival of Strongbow (Richard Fitzwilliam de Clare) Earl of Pembroke

Note the kitty kat in the top left corner checking out the scene

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