Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now theres a few things i forgot to mention

The General Slocum was a steamship launched in 1891. She caught fire and burned to the water line in New York's East River on June 15, 1904. More than 1,000 people died in the accident, making it New York City's worst loss-of-life disaster until the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Why you might ask am i doing all this in 1 day, because it's raining, i've had a good lunch, with good things in it.

I digress, since I've been in the land of the free and home of the brave for less than 2 weeks, my skin it would appear has had a turn for the worst, this is from what i can only deduce is from Pizza slices and Begals (I have only had 2 Donuts, so donuts are not to blame, at this point, maybe later)

I am on to in though, and from now there will be more green in everything, even the beer and water, did i say it's raining ?

How did i get to Boston ?

Flashback to Ali's favourite bar, someone tells me there's a Fung Wah Chinatown to Chinatown, they said $23, turns out it was $15
Good price for me. The someone was probably the guy i told i was from the projects, he wasn't too happy when he found out the truth, although he knew the truth, the things you do for a laugh, of maybe just the things i do.

So off i went to check out the vibe for the first game of the world series, went with Noelle from Vancouver (Hello Noelle), lots of home runs were hit and being a newly inducted Red Sox fan, hit one meself, it was very contagious.

Back to NY again:
Some more little hight lights

Meeting up with Kieran, 'i'm goin' to Carolina in my mind.....', i still plan on calling in there, most people say why, i say why not ? Indeed

Getting home from meeting up with Kieran with Ali and crew, about 5 people in the car and 1 person was able to figure out eventually how to get home.
NY is one big crossword, i dont like crosswords.

Some guy asked me why i was so quiet on the trip (Journey) home, my response was
'I'm trying to be sensible' or something like that, indeed i was, indeed i was. The Fat boy slim mix on the stereo was great though, kept me sane

If your reading this in the Future, check this one one Kieran, i can almost hear myself say 'Oh yeah'
I remember thinking that the roads in Columbia are much better than NY, far better indeed.

The next night, halloween shopping with Ali. So off we go, we get lost, Ali rings for mayday, SOS, or where the feck am i, no one knew, for all i knew down was up and up was down

Never before have i witnessed anybody in any city having to ring someone with a computer to get them to login to find out where they are, NY is a monster. After about 35 min on the phone, we got to where we wanted to go, to buy fake skin
and the like.
Ali knows someone that went to a Halloween party as 'Car crash victim' and had a car crash and Ambulance and cops on the scene couldn't believe she was ok, must have overdone it with the fake blood, and she got off drink driving. I couldn't make it up.

Next day as Bruce Springsteen would say we 'went down to the river........' No diving, although

Historical point, Ali told me about all the women in one of the Bourrgh's had a picnic and after getting on one of the boats
it sank, off the park.

Some woman died recently that was founding some floating debris as a baby at the time.

Further research has revealed that Ali is telling the truth, read on about the General Slocum

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ali said...

haha, yeah, I think you may have experienced the worst in nyc navigation. We're subway people after all. hahaha

And thanks for the photos from the ship that went down! I've never actually seen any, curse now it looks like I'll b reading this instead of writing a paper. haha