Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I got that Monday feeling, I planned it, it happened and it's not over yet !

The Encampment ... each tent contains an art installation that recounts stories of the people that were once confined to
Roosevelt Island, New York

Plan your day

Saw a video on the net today (Nobody rents them anymore) about planning your day today and it was interesting, hmmm it was interesting, and it was much more, that that (searches brain for word brain says 'No, no word, try again later)

Here it is:

Well if you plan your day tomorrow the day before when you sleep, your sub concise and you concise mind will work to make it happen (Cool huh, i know pretty dumb word)

Makes sense, because that’s what i have been doing for the last few weeks (not including getting pissed, that just happened, because i let it happen, and i had fun, cant be sure if other people were having fun, maybe fun is the wrong word, Erra, fuck all the words)

The word 'Fuck', want to know something interesting? No? Well I’ll tell you anyway. I looked up 'Fuck' on Wicki pedia and got the following, check it out.

Uttering such profanities will never be the same, they never are, when you think about it, don’t think.
Listening to a Drum and Base Essential mix, reminds me of the 'Cheeky Mondays' in Amsterdam, i can just see the Scottish guy, what a laugh (Well not really, he made me laugh, he made the chemicals in my brain laugh, but this is not saying much, not much at all really)

Mitch Hedberg Spills His Guts

The end..... for now

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