Sunday, October 28, 2007

I got stood up by a bear

Random photo from, it's like my Halloween special picture

This one is a bit all over the place, so i will be asking people to jump forward and backwards in time, so in doing so i would like to make a flight safety announcement, this is for your benefit.
Hold on

I'm up north from Boston in New Hampshire, very nice this Fall, I've had falls before, nothing this good (Copied this from an email i wrote to a girl in Canada, who's in Canada)

Waited for the Bear at the bottom of the Hostel garden who likes to show up at 7.30 and eat his berries, had a few beers with a student rock climber who's under a court order to stay in his state and take random piss tests and i would like to point out he is:
a, Out of his state
b, Buys piss for his piss tests

Moving to point b, You can buy piss folks, only in America, In Oz, you drink piss and watch the footy. Not only can you buy it, it comes in a container that looks like a penis, and in different colors and sizes.

If he fails one of these tests he goes to jail for 2 years, so he buys the piss.
If he get's arrested it will be 7 years

Anyway i was informed of all these details last night waiting for the bear, that didn't show up, and there's nothing like being stood up, i devoured a beer, 2 in fact.

The lady next door chased him away with a frying pan, she was luck he didn't rip her arm off, but i suppose he learnt his lesson, the bear.

Back to New York

Checked out Greenwich village and Chelsea. A tattooist gave me some ideas for my tattoo extension they are:
1, Fugin and Ragin (Gods of wind and water)
2, Cap off the top of the tattoo

I will keep these things in mind

The only part of NY i like was Greenwich village and Chelsea, is the gay area. Ga guys are having all the fun, if my life was something straight out of Sex and the city it would be like this.

Ok the imagine this. It's a scene from Sex and the city and Carrie is on her bed typing away, on the laptop

Carrie from Sex and the city

Camera is focused on the computer screen and she type's one of life's little mysteries and ponders the great unknown this 'Could this be all part of intelligent design ?'

Yeah, she has problems (me too), big dilemma, cue ending music and go have a toilet break and a cup of tea and maybe a chocolate biscuit, I'm not living at the mammy's house anymore, i have to walk to the shop and i'm too lazy to go so, Do it, Do it, Do it !!!

Family guy is on by the time your munching your 4th biscuit and you forget Carrie's problems and your own, because that your reality.

A little cup of tea fixes everything.

Ok, let me tell you something that really happened.

Dear Diary, went out with Ali and Jackie, and got a taxi into the city they told the guy where to to go (later they told him where to go too and it wasn't the same place), they said 40th street as part of the address and because he spent most of his time eating mamma's pasta and talking about the good old days when he had respect in his neighborhood. All in Italian of course, he don't speak English no good.

This was his mistake.

Not like that anymore granddad, today's young punks would pop some lead in your ass, no respect, they give me no respect.

Anyway the taxi driver's English was not up to my friends standard, so we ended in a bit of a disagreement (We started out having such a lovely time), so it was to the subway for us.

We had a drink, then it was to the next place, walking, in the rain, no golf umbrella, Nooooooooooooo. I kept hearing just 2 more blocks, just 1 more block up, just 2 across. I wasn't having fun. Got to Ali's favorite bar and met a guy from Letrim in the toilet, very animated, got home at 5am, how did that happen ?

Next day, i went to Coney island and shot at the freak with paint balls and walked along the espenade, they (the all seeers and doers) are pulling it down.

Thats will be all for now

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Anonymous said...

Haha, it also doesn't help that he wanted to charge us two times the price we agreed on to get to our destination which was allready more than it should have been.

I refuse to pay $45 for a $20-24 dollar cab ride. bastard.

It wasn't his language skills. He was trying to jack us.
I hate him.