Saturday, October 06, 2007

Got the Tattoo finished, but that’s not the end of it….

This is how i looked hanging out in Quito Ecuador, one of my favourite stalls is behind me, Roast pork with potato cakes, yum yum !!!

Well I really do feel like George Bush with his ‘Mission Completed’ speech.

Went into the Sin E pub for a quiet pint only to meet a German guy enjoying Beamish and then I met a Welsh guy. The German guy went home for a sleep then he came back, then he went home then he came back, then he went again, where did he go you say ? Feck knows.

I went for a beer with the Welsh guy, one for the road, I walked, he got the train to Cobh, off I went home.

Called into the Cummins place, shouldn’t have done that, all is forgiven now I think, it was the wild west came to suburbia. Part of the reason houses in the area are worth what they are is that you’d think people like me don’t live there, but I do, well not full time, I have my moments and yesterday would have been one of those moments.
I let slip i was going to run though their orchard, er.... naked, and i still do, and probably will (But no one is supposed to know), it's true what Eminem says 'Maybe there's a little bit of Slim shady in everyone', i wonder if i can find my Slim Shady receipt, could i bring it back and get something else instead, like some knitting needles and make socks for homeless people

As Kurt Vongart would have said ‘…and then the bad chemicals in my brain came out’, they seem to live a life of their own.

To morrow I intend in doing more painting, a sort of ‘I wont be doing that again in a hurry, I’ll paint all that side of the house’ sorry, which is true (Around now, what ever time it is on some unknown, yet to be discovered galaxy, which shouldn’t even matter, because you cant go there anyway, looking no touching’, this much is true or maybe not entirely true, but maybe a bit truer than all the rest of the other stuff I’ve ever said in my life, or maybe I’m just writing all this garbage an what I really need is a full stop and move onto the next topic of conversation.

I've heard of the choreographed stuff they do in Korea for their great leader (He told me to say that, so it must be true)

Note, this is no animation, they are using their clothes, inside and outside of their clothes, unbelievable, just imagine the amount of time they spent rehearsing after work while people here are putting their feet up to watch 'Coranation Street' and have a cup of tea after the dinner (with a little chocolate biscuit, lovely)

Not for these people after work it would be noodles then off to the stadium to have someone up on high shout you (not god)

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