Sunday, October 28, 2007

New york is going well, so far so good

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Day 2 or 3, or we could just add 2+3, that gives up 5 boys and girls, very smart, for a errr gerbil, not so smart for a 30 and a half year old. Not impressed ? Neither am i. Jump to the next line.

Went off with Jackie (I cant get no sleep) and off we went to Statan Island on the cheap ferry and got lots of photos of the Statue of Liberty.
Interesting point, about 2% of people that made it to the new country were seen to be undesirables, disease ridden or just plain unfashionable (i made that bit up, but if enough people say it, it might get written into a book, a history book at
that, impressed yes? I didn't think you would)

Anyway some of the 2% had to go home back to where they came from and upon leaving New York (Bye bye immigrants) they decided to swim for it and who could blame them, first lesson on swimming, don't drown, good way to learn don't you think ?

Anyway walked to the local bar with budgies painted over the door, did i mention the budgies had bloodied limbs sticking out of their mouths ? Well they did, and that bit's true.
The bar man had a tattoo which says 'And so it goes' interesting.

Passed Ground 0 on the way back, big empty space, China town,

Cue music:
David Bowies 'China girl'

Passed So Ho

Met up with Ali in Harlem that night, saw the 'Pajects' or 'Projects' in white honky English. All i can say is I've seen worse, rapper street cred ? I just don't know.

Passed a Dunken Donuts looking for a taxi and there was heaps of cop cars parked outside (I was getting flash backs of the Simpson's). I had to get Ali to pose outside in front of a cop car. I nearly collapsed laughing, it was jointed with cops, one cop stood back so as to not spoil the picture, she wouldn't have spoiled the picture at all !!

Ali had a flash back of Paddy's day 7 months ago and it goes like this.

There was this English kid with his 2 moms (cool huh ?) in the hostel and he was dancing while touching himself.
Mom: Go to the toilet, stop holding on
Kid: I'm ok, i don't need to go
(Goes back and forward like this)
Mom: Well if you don't need to go, why are you doing that for ?
Kid: When i touch it, it gets bigger.

A not in my note book says 'Rain, oh rain, weather man failed to mention that, thinking out aloud now. I failed to watch the weather man. I'm sure i didn't miss out on much anyway.' what do you think ?

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