Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 1 in NY,

Dancers perform, Bolero, at the National Academic Bolshoi Ballet Theater of the republic of Belarus in Minsk

Where to start ? Start at the start kieran.

Got on a plane to America, the one i booked in fact. this was largely to do with the pilots at Air lingus not going on strike, thank's lads.

Met up with Ali (from Quito) at her local cafe, but before that.
On the way into the city of NY from the Airport i was chatting to a guy from Florida, after a bit, he got a bit nervous talking and decided it was best to stand up and stand next to the door (taking the pressure off his arse and depositing it on his legs) welcome to America, trust no one, i felf sorry for the poor chap, not all good citizens are like him, but i didn't know that then, i do now.

Stayed in Astoria Queens with Ali, the first night we watched Sex and the city, exciting stuff, but it was my first night and i had no idea of what i was supposed to do.

So first day in the big smoke i walked to the East Village (Lower east side), Central Park, saw the 'I'm the naked cowboy' strums a G chord 'Please deposit $10' errr, is that all you do ?

Highlight of the day, i had 2 slices of pizza, they looked like 2 slices, but in fact they were 2 Lasagna slices, great success, i was starting to like this 'New country' already food from the 'Old country' becoming a faint memory, but the best was yet to come.

Guess what, after a while and maybe a sleep it was morning time and then it was Begel with everything with Cream cheese, yummy yummy.

New topic:
The Metro, needs a paint, graffiti is against the law, but if your willing to paint anything in NY, you should get a medal, the place hasn't been painted in 30 years, now i'll move on and drop this one.

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