Friday, October 26, 2007

Are there any teachers out there ?

Kieran and Kieran and his cousin at our reunion in Brooklyn

Now imagine this

you are a teacher and you are looking for a job, in San Francisco and you see a job advertised (This is a good thing)
You look through all the experience and at the boottom it says 'Transexuals need only apply', true folks, only in America. This apperas to be the case in San Francisco, differnt people, differnt approach to life, totally differnt

Heading up from Boston today to a place called Conway, have to get out of town for the weekend, the place is all booked up, it is supposed to be really nice, as long as i buy batteries for my camera i will be able to prove this point and also document this point, took a few photos of the 'Fall' in Salem (Witch burning capital of America, maybe not so much Witch burners as much as 'Witch oppressors' of the same mentioned country..... America.

Had a look at the Metro guide that was on the floor of the tram yesterday and would you believe it ? Carl Cox was listed at number 1 spot of '6 Things you should do', i already had a Dunken Donut at this point and was feeling a slight twinge of achievement about my time here in boston. So anyway i went and it was Awsome, i did have to leave the Red Sox game half way through, they won anyway. So everything is looking good.


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