Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Look, look, its me and i can fly

A Gulf Fritillary butterfly stops for some nectar from a Yellow Gold Lantana bloom in South Tyler, USA. Photo: AP

I think i’ll come back as a butterfly, if I come back at all. I’m not guarenting anything.
If there is a better planet out there, where it rains expensive cocktails and people with beer bellies are worshiped like living gods, I just might go there. Which leads on to the next question, if i’m a butterfly that might not be my scene, dont think butterfly’s have beer bellies, a bit hard to fly i’d imaging. Hmm, i’ll get back to you on that one.

Read a quote today by one of the founders of Google, ‘The average blogger has 1 reader, the bloger’, hmm, if your reading this and your name happen’s to be Kieran, thats ok. If your name is not Kieran, feck off !! Or go out and change your name to Kieran, as you can tell i’m aiming prety low and meetng all targets, nice one.

Heading to see a play tonight, and the funny thing is I have been meaning to see a play in North Melbourne as part of the Fringe festval, met the crew, seemed to be enjoying life and why not.

Started reading ‘The dice man’ by Luke Rhinehart. It was recommended highly by Simon P as a book I would really like, I think he’s on the money. I started flipping a coin last week as a way of rebelling against myself. I read once every day we have millions of choices and and at the end of the day, whether or not it was good or bad is entirely our fault.
I crossed the road this morning walking into the city to be on the sunny side of the road. A few minutes I crossed back to the same side further down the road and it wasn’t until I crossed back that I realized what I had done and I was on the shady side of the street.

Most of the choices we make are the sub concise ones, it could be good fun to try it out for a while ?
Recording the M.Y.N.C. Project - 30 Min Hotmix, not bad, not bad. Getting tonnes of music, it would be a shame not to pass some of it on, if your still reading this and your name is switched to Kieran in the last few minutes, good one! Just tell your parents your old name wasn’t good enough, let me know and I can give you heaps of electronic music. There, that was a nice offer, perks of having a name change.

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