Friday, October 20, 2006

Breakfast Borat?

... a waiter serves the national dish of Kazakhstan, beshbarmak - boiled sheep's head - at the Essyk traditional restaurant in Almaty.

Now that Borat has been invited to Kazakhstan, who’s laughing now. He probably wouldn’t go anyway, he’s be probably stoned as soon as he got off of the airplane, camel, horse, tractor or however one makes it to that glorious country.

Well well, could be the races on the weekend, not looking like good weather, but should be good anyway, you cant have sunshine all year round and I should know this better than anyone.

Started learning Spanish, it will keep my mind off of other things, like how she seems to be back to the way she used to be, the way I liked it. Sometimes if you want something you have to travel in the opposite direction.

Have to go home first after work and of all feckin things change my pants, or else people might see my arse, not that that would be a bad thing, saw a guy once walk down King street in Sydney with the back cut out of his leather pants, I though e was brave, maybe if I went out someone might thing I was brave, or just bash me, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and. There you go the truth comes out eventually, and as Jimi Hendrix once said ‘Eventually’, never before was a truer word spoken.

Haven’t done any work this week, been doing an online course in Spanish and I managed to record the phrases on to my iriver so that I can revise where ever I am, nice one, now all I have to do I remember what it all means, hmm that the whole point of this blog to figure out what it all means, fecked if I know, you’ll have to ask someone else that one pal, you really will.

Really happy I worked things out relatively with Jo and didn’t aver to deal with lawyers, that would have been all too much, too too much.

I think there’s an Irish horse running tomorrow at Caufield, saw a horse I the listing today and it was something like ‘Gentle lover’, it was funny anyway.

Have to go to Exhibition st on Monday morning to see a guy doing the work I’m supposed to be doing, could be another Honky Tonks Sunday night, and why not ?
It’s all good fun.........until someone losses an eye that is!!!

Maybe it’s tie to head off home. Good idea !!

Saw Fred Negro in the pub last night, I was telling how Mam though he was a ‘Nice fellow’, and he is too as he rightly pointed out, very true. I might even appear on his strip, with luck. That would be one to write home about, or SMS. Saw Eoin’s phone book on the net, one name caught my eye, Huny Lips, very good indeed!!

Till the next time

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