Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Zie is hot hot hot

Photo of a candle at zero gravity, cool eh ?

Recording ‘Blueprint 2006 Promo’, sounds good to me.
Why not, am I too old to be living the way I do, certainly not. How else would I live, underwater, under the sea...... just like the snorks, well that was a fantasy of Homer Simpson also.

Went and saw a play last night, is was ‘Love at fast sight’, actually it was 2 plays I saw.
After watching ‘Love at fast sight’ I had a beer at the bar with the bar people, then the actors. Then we went upstairs to see a play about how ‘in love’ this couple were, and maybe they still are. Got a free kit kat, got to love that.

One of the actors from Queensland came in late with food and said ‘If anyone has the munchies, let me know where the pot is at’, Great quote.

Sun is out, pretty warm today. Made the appointment to make the tax return later. Might have a beer somewhere while I wait for the appointment at 7.45pm, better get that one out of the way.
Have to go and get the parking permit tomorrow morning at the Collingwood town hall, I sent it in a Telstra postage paid envelope, maybe the postage wasn’t paid after all. Fuc*&n Bas#$%ds is all I can say.

So I’ll be a bit late into work, who cares, you’ll still get the blog entry tomorrow, you vulchers, you just want more and ore of me every time, hold on, whats the intended audience of this again. Oh yeah, it’s me. That’s ok so, as you were.

Now that I’ve gotten a good review in front of my consultant lead I can go back to skiving off, the ‘Oh, I must look out the widow behind you for no apparent reason, and oh what are you looking at, god, I would never look at that sort of thing, because I’m such a serious consultant, well that’s what I wan the whole world to think, even if you don’t think like me, you can try and be like me every way’

Rant rant rant, do you do anything else, hmmm nope.

Some Thursday sessions are starting up in the city, I was thinking of going to some salsa dancing, but you cant have your cake and eat it, you could do a bit of a Spike Millian and stick your whole face into the cake, class.

So by this tie tomorrow I should have parking sorted out, and oh did I tell you someone backed into my car and drove off without leaving any details.
I would have done the same thing, if it was a new car, I’d be going mad, but who cares ?

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