Thursday, October 26, 2006

The steeple to a church is surrounded by fall foliage along Route 16 east of Waynesboro, USA.

Went and saw a gig last night, in case your were wondering, and some of probably weren’t even wondering that at all. I hope someone gets a laugh or even some benefit from my fingers racing across this laptop, it is giving me something to do.

Have to get onto the BBC Spanish later, but I am supposed to be working, and that would be taking the piss as there happens to be people doing ACTUAL work right behind me, well it depends what you call real work, some might say, ‘Working in an office, that’s not real work’. I have no idea myself, it’s been that long since I did any, if I had to do even a few hours a day of any work, I’d probably think it was slave labor.

Downloading music and recording music is the only hard slog I’ve been doing, how bad.

Anyways, went to see ‘Drop the Lime’ and ‘Kid 606’, ‘Drop the Lime’ was really cool, I think I’ll go again tonight, best DJ in a long time, and free too to boot.

Going to go to The Oaks day, or the races on the 8th of Nov, lots of chicks I’m told, o and it is ladies day, bit a clue there.

Heading to the horse bazaar in Northcote tomorrow, lots of things on, and too little time.

Got the cash from Excel coal, will do the final transfer to Jo’s account to morrow, she gets 90% of the profits and I still come out on top, I really hope she puts it to good use, and no blow it all in Revolver, but I suppose your only young once, so you might as well go hard or go home.

Listening to DJ ESP, if it weren’t for Jo and inthemix, I might not have discovered this music, I’d be hanging out at the Tote, Eeek !!

So there you go, off for a spot of lunch at the Queen Vic markets, come back do some Spanish, Feck off home, got to St Kilda later.

Bye bye

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