Friday, October 13, 2006

Been watching a fair bit of Stephen Colbert in the last few months, just about anything a can find. He kick ass while still being funny, he’s a funny guy.

Made a silly promise to myself that I wouldn’t have a too big a night tonight, got a message from a girl I met last week to go to Honky tonks, I don’t have to be asked twice. Ok so, free beer at 6, might pop along, bit of a BBQ going on too. Nice people too, well the ones I met anyway.

Went to see mountains in the sky last night in the Northcote social club, the laser show before hand must have been very artistic and all that because I thought it was the biggest heap of crap, the biggest. Had a good laugh at the bar though, met heaps of people and had a good time. Called into see Gerard on the way back and had a beer with him. Taxi hoe and popped into Bimbos for a beer, then home to the bed.

Woke up and was ready to go to work before 8am, that was a good thing, decided to lie down on the bed and rest, ok, I think I’m with you so far. What happened ? Well I fell asleep, didn’t I ? Got into work for around 10.15, who cares, not me I’m afraid.

Talked to Simon P., he’s on a crusade to evict squatters from a national park in South Sydney, he’s found his cause in life, a slum lord without the slum, out peasants, out I say. He was telling me they had a Tooheys New flag flying, they might have been better off having a Greenpeace flag flying.

Went down to see the Seashepherd boat, amazing bunch of people, they ram illegal whaling boats
The girl on the tour was saying that 80% of what drift nets catch they throw back on but, the fish have their mouths ripped off, so they cant much their food too good.

A half of all fish that is caught goes to cheap protein feed for cows, did you know that ?
4000 liters of water are needed for 1 kg of meat, did you know that ? No I didn’t, I really didn’t.

Peace out

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