Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Japanese protest

Oh what a day, and I’m inside.
It might as well be raining in the miserable winter, well almost

Went to see the sea shepherd boat, interesting thing to note was all the boats that were ‘Sunk’, now I’m wondering did they sink them ? or did they do a Titanic and just you know sink ?

Checked out Leonardo’s stream writing very interesting, probably how I talk sometime, the idea is to keep writing until your not even thinking so your subconscious comes to your concise level and you don’t go back and edit anything, well maybe apart from spelling mistakes, wouldn’t want to come across as having the spelling ability of a 10 year old.

[Brakes for 15 min to look at other blogs in Melbourne at random]
And Eureka, I found some cool photo’s of sunsets from the Eureka, cool, I’ll stick them in too, very nice.

Had a look at one of the random blogs displayed on blogger, it was ‘Big Gay Leon, the Cock Smoking Buttwhore’, hmmm, I think I might want to stop looking at some of these blogs and another one was a bible basher giving words of encouragement, I could give her a few words. ‘I used to be an altar boy’ and another few, ‘I had my photo taken with the bishop’, probably wouldn’t frighten her though. Probable make her jealous. And as Clarkston says ‘Jealously is an evil mistress’

I think I’m just about ready to say ‘Feck this place again’ for the day, but don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow, and that’s always a problem.

Should be 30 degrees tomorrow, sun shining and I will be stuck inside again. No I wont, I’ll go for a walk, maybe Don Dons the new one that opened, my subconscious boycott of Japanese is now over, it will be feeding time at the zoo, but tomorrow, but then again why not today. Vegetables being in the fridge, and it being paid for, and if I leave it any longer, I might have to throw them out would point to the option of just cooking food and sticking it in and if I cook too much, I’ll eat that tomorrow, so I can continue my crusade against the terrible Japanese whaling. It sounds like a mission, quest and so on and so forth

The future awaits.

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