Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I like sunsets, ok ?

One of those world-famous Arizona sunsets
is perfectly reflected in the mirror-like water
of a resort golf course lake in the desert of
the Superstition Mountain foothills, Arizona

One of my favourite scenes from the Big Lebowski
"I was gonna fuck you in the ass Saturday! I fuck you in the ass on Wednesday instead!"

So what am I going to say to you, maybe thank god I’m doing Spanish, and it’s keeping the mouse in my head busy, because if he wisent busy he would be killing be, well and truly.

Read a good quote there ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’, how true.

Booked the lonely planet book for Argentina, doing Spanish now, why not combine the two, makes sense to me, why Fu@#in not he says.

They are 85 % descended from European, hey I’m European ? Or a Homer Simpson, Hey I’m a guy like me ! I sure am, I sure am.

Whets happened since I lasted posted, better go and check first before I write any more crap.

Right I’m back, it appears as if I didn’t tell you about the weekend

Well, went out on Friday, was going to have a quiet one, went to Bar open, just for one last beer. Met 2 girls that were about to leave. Denise and her sister I think, they said they were twins, but what else would 2 girls out for a laugh say?

Denise was going to come to the Caufield cup, but she got home and announced to me that she wanted to have 10 hours sleep, get up at 12 noon, and it’ll take me about an hour to do my hair, sure love we might get there when everyone else is leaving.

I went, got some photos of some people I met, came home, decided to call into Chapel street on the way home, for a beer of course.

Went to Blue bar, and had a laugh. Couldn’t get into any of the bouncer type pubs, no suits I’m afraid, and certainly no suits by themselves, which I could say I was

Continued to St Kilda, met Ross just as he was coming out of the Saint across from the Snake pit for some fresh air and off I was to Twister why not.

Put the suit jacket rolled up under my arm and off in I went, camera in the pocket, but at this stage I didn’t give 2 Fuc%s. Just some fun for me please and maybe a little beer.

I remember meeting people as I was coming out at 7 am in the morning, came out and 2 guys were fighting, let them off I thought. Who cares, it’s the morning. If you meet people that are not I a good mood in the morning, don’t bother with them, so said an old French guy leaving Sri Lanka, and think he wisent too far off of the mark.

Had a bit of a rest across from the Vineyard and went home, Cheery Bomb was closed, what a Fuc$*n waste of time, went to Vineyard in St Kilda, good spot for a Sunday session, since I cant do the Revolver thing anymore, it will have to be my thing.

Went from there to Honky Tonks and was really hungry, BBQ was late starting, I think I had a power nap and was escorted to the door, I wisent too fussed, me need some sleep. So went to Maccers ad a feed and it was off home for me.

Went to see Megadeth last for nostalgia reasons, Simon P was saying it would be worth it and it was, spent $18 ringing him so that he could hear too. Called into Mc Mahons and conversed on the finer differences between Megadeth and Metalica, but the Megadeth fans weren’t having any of it, no way.

Called into the Bar Open on the way home and had a beer out the back, met some guys, one of them was a doctor, hard to believe, he seemed to lack the aura of ‘I’m a doctor’, that doctors seem to convey.

Going to see kid 606 later

Time will tell, maybe Cloheesy might come along and venture past postcode 3000.

Till the next time.


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