Friday, October 06, 2006

This is not a waste of time

Ed and Mary Ann Murdock enjoy the autumn colours while paddlng their canoe near their home in Turner, Maine.
Nice one Ed and Mary

Yes, it’s that time again. My buddy Simon Philips thinks writing in a blog is a waste of time, I on the other hand do not. I really don’t. It could be, but my brain does not agree, so, I win and I’m off again, the fingers are flying across the keyboard again.

I’m listening to John Askew in Beirut and all is ok.
Nice day outside, going to be a great weekend, the only problem with thinking it’s going to be a good weekend is, when you think your going to have a good time, you ever do, or you don’t to the extent if you said ‘I’m going to just have a few beers’, or ‘I’m just going to read my book’ and you end up coming home next day.
They’re the best night’s out.

God’s kitchen, that will be interesting, pub crawl with a few tonight, 1 of them apparently doesn’t drink, he could be converted by the end of the weekend !!

Called up to the backpackers at lunch, wasn’t sure if I should have a beer, so I flipped a coin, it was heads for a beer, tails for a sprite, it was a beer. The coin always knows best. Simon P recommended a book called ‘The dice man’ where the dice made all his decisions for him, a way of rebelling against the system and himself. The coin works for me ad it does make things interesting.

More water, drink more water, it was like I was on water restrictions last week. Master craft are playing in Brown Alley, Arumba is on, Two Floors up is on, would be interesting if the bouncer bullshit is on again this week, probably not so bad on a Friday.

Haven’t been to eurotrash yet, I think I know where it is, I now a good place where I think it is, if that is making any sense to you, nope he says, come to think of it, me neither, confusion, confusion, cushion, constipation and all the c words are setting in.

Alliteration, I think it’s called.

Educational bit.
# Resemblance of sound, especially of the vowel sounds in words, as in: “that dolphin-torn, that gong-tormented sea” (William Butler Yeats).
# The repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds, especially in stressed syllables, with changes in the intervening consonants, as in the phrase tilting at windmills.

The repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables, as in “on scrolls of silver snowy sentences” (Hart Crane). Modern alliteration is predominantly consonantal; certain literary traditions, such as Old English verse, also alliterate using vowel sounds.

Something I found about how writing being good for you, ok now enough of that.
Simons wrong!!

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