Friday, September 29, 2006

But what is the meaning

Right, this is going to end up a bit like the Da Vinci code, looking for symbolic reference, but today’s topic was to write about yesterday topic. Topical isn’t it ?
No car chase through Paris, sorry.

And we’re off..... Right.

Me dreaming I’m in a rare luxury car, it think means that life is easy, luxurious, I’m riding like royalty. The road was flat, I was sitting too far back to see the driver, but I was having a good time and going to college outing to boot.

I then woke up and my housemate was someone like the German guy at Balaclava.
This represents wisdom, maybe I need guidance ?

I then was telling a guy I knew from college the story about traveling and having a good laugh. We were all laughing, laughing about me living the easy life, make’s sense... Hmmm.

Today I woke up having another dream, so I wrote that one down too.

From what I can recall it went like this, I was trying to cross a dangerous part of the road, but it was too dangerous and I wasn’t taking any chances.

A guy in a white van pulled in to give a lift, but I left that lift off to some chicks.

But I got over the road in the end, no worries. :)

It usually symbolizes the journey that we take to achieve our goals. The road in the dream represents a road in your life. It could be the road to your heart, spirit, or mind. Consider the kind of road that your are on and try to see how it relates to your daily realities. If the road is straight, well-marked and lit, it may be reinforcement to you that you are moving in the right directions. If there are many obstacles and the road is very hard, consider your options.

Now the Footy
Went to the footy parade in the city today, will be interesting to see how the photos come out, got one of Kennealy anyway, might be a bit blurred.

Bush is at it again
Torture is now legal in the US, makes no difference, it's always been the Go.

Smells of 1984 me thinks.

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