Monday, September 25, 2006

Time goes fast so slowly

Banksy - The Bear and the Bee, Notting Hill

"Once upon a time there was a bear and a bee who lived in a wood and were the best of friends. All summer long the bee collected nectar from morning to night while the bear lay on his back basking in the long grass.

When Winter came the Bear realised he had nothing to eat and thought to himself 'I hope that busy little Bee will share some of his honey with me'. But the Bee was nowhere to be found - he had died of a stress induced coronary disease".

Time goes fast so slowly, Time goes fast so slowly, Time goes fast so slowly, Time goes fast so slowly, Time goes fast so slowly, Time goes fast so slowly, Time goes fast so slowly, Time goes fast so slowly,

Well well, where do I begin ?
Met Matt (From TRUenergy) and a few others on Friday night, went out watched the footy, drank beer, played pool. Came home and went out with the housemate Jess and her entourage of Kiwis. Got back around 5am, not a bad night.

Went to the dance party in the park on Saturday, met a few people and had a laugh. I think I was talking to people when the best DJ’s were on. Oh well such as life, it wa still good fun.

Had my photo taken, didn’t look too flash I have to say, I remember looking t the photo after it was taken thinking, ‘I don’t look like that do I ?’ And I did.

A bit expensive all the same ticket were $100 each and beer then $7 a pop. But a good location, the city definatly looked well towards the end, the city lights !!!

Met some guys after that and we went to a party in Carlton, good old night. I got some money from them for beers and went out to the bottle shop, to which they weren’t too sure if I would come back, hmmm do a runner with $20, student’s.

Attended Gerard’s opening party last night, good laugh. I did venture out for a bit, and that could only be summarized as being the biggest waste of 20 minutes in my life. I went out down the road, into a pub, took about 10 min to walk to the toilet, huge queue, hmm maybe not, back out and into Gerard’s shop, 20 minutes right there, what a waste.

The same Madonna song was on about 20 times, Time goes fast so slowly, and it did. The day flew.

It didn’t help either that it rained a fair bit, but they managed to attract a few people in the end and a good time was had by all.

Going to start reading a book calld ‘Power of the dog’ today, since there’s not too much happening at work, what else am I supposed to do to the brain ticking over ?
Madonna is teling me that there’s too much confusion, not sure i my response to that one.

Just remembered the pub across from the Queen Vic does, $1 beers on Monday, just when I’m thinking of having a break my mind goes a remembers something like that.

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