Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Having a swimming time

Oh hello there:

What’s up today then, went home last night. Had a kebab with believe it or not, too much chili. I know, and it was hot, but good, did I say hot? If your reading this in the ‘Future’ (Queue eerie music) don’t eat a kebab with that much chili again, ok ?

Called into Bar open to see if one of my house mates was there and ended up chatting to Heidi and 2 of her friends, good laugh, that’s what life is supposed to be about, isn’t it ?

Topic of the day I suppose is about topless bather’s found on goggle earth, how bad ?
Read how a guy found an airstrip in the middle of an ocean with Google earth that the English used to use. Handy. Could ring the guy below up and tell him to shave his scrotum, see what i mean? Hmmm maybe not.
This is god from up on high, shave your scrotum ! See what i mean ?

Good link from Youtube

Safe sex animation:

Got some more CD’s from the library, very handy, amongst them I got one called Tibet and another by Mr Morricone, class act, everything he’s ever done has been genius.

Weather is nice today, but what would you expect from the land of sunshine.

I’ll start putting some photos of my own once I get the lead for the camera sent over.
I could have photo, comment, comment, photo, photo, comment, comment, photo and so on and so forth. Nice, I like it already. Class, if it was done well of course, if it was done crap, well, it would be, crap wouldn’t it ?

Went over to look at the photo exhibition last night, good photos. Then I walked to the library for the Lonely Planet book talk and guess what ? I passed an art gallery exhibition, so in I went and proceeded to talk about the meaning of the Art and drink a few red wines, until I ran out of things to talk about then it was off home with me. Good fun though.

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