Friday, September 22, 2006

Paint it Black

Hello again, just thought I’d sit down (not that I was standing up or anything) and write a few lines

Was reading about how stories get popular on, it appears that if a story gets enough

hits in 1 hour, it appears to pass a point of critical mass then it's off on to first page.

With this in mind, I posted a story about a documentary I saw on the net about Torture in

American prisons, all I can say is that braking the law in America could be a very scary

experience after watching this.

I've noticed that any story submitted with i.e. 'This is a must see' gets a few hits. I think

I’ll track it to see how far up it goes.
It's a pretty relevant topic what with Bush claiming to not know anything about Torture. Time

will tell.

On of the last companies I worked for are looking for more testers, what a laugh. The job descriptions do not describe anything that the job actual entails. Might do a bit better if it read.

Do you like pulling out your hair ?
Can you run batch files that no one else can run or figure out ?
Do you like working with business people that look at you like your a moron if you don’t understand ?

They talk of corporate responsibility, what ? Ok I like taking the piss out of guys in suits, corporate enough for yea ?

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Kieran said...

I got 4 hit's, better luck next time.