Thursday, September 21, 2006

I figured something out

Not the Hungary i remember. Do you think i should go back and lead them into the future ? Naa, me neither. They did fight the Russians for a bit in 1956, probably best not mess with them.

I figured something out.........
Something useful this time, I managed to set up my computer to record off of
No big deal you might think, but if I set up ‘Nina Simone’ as a radio station at the start of the day, by the end of the day I have 8 hours (Assuming I spend 8 hours a day at work) of music in .mp3 format ready to be copied on to my iriver mp3 player, thats a lot of songs.

So by the time I get around to listening to it, I will have Nina and other artists that sound like her, not a bad days work indeed. It’s even better for DJ’s. Who needs to buy music ? No me :) Laughing as they say.

Stayed in last night to read my book again, not a bad night, it’s never a bad night when you have a good book to occupy your time.
The book I asked the library to buy for me on Monday is already there today Thursday, mental mathematics, mental, how bad ?

The summer time is defiantly here, not that it every went away as far as I’m concerned. The winter here wasn’t even a winter if you ask me, but who’s asking me ?

Might venture out tonight and check out a band somewhere, or just see what’s going on in the town of Fitzroy.
There’s a big dance party on in the city on Saturday, might be worth checking out.

Might have to a bit of shopping on Saturday and get bed sheets and that sort of thing, so an early one on Friday, yeah right he says, he, but it’s worth thinking about anyway. Gawd, how the pace of life has changed, Friday used to be about watching footy and beers in the pub, now it seems like a regular occurrence to wander home sometime after 6am onwards.
That would never happen in the old country, but this is the new world or newer world, or a world or 1 world or a word. Yes it’s defiantly a word, defiantly, defiantly, defiantly.

Read yesterday that the best way to get over writers block is to write a letter that a character in your story would write. Writer’s block hasn’t happened to me yet, I think that’s just because I’m not a writer.

What would the letter contain, when was the last letter I actually wrote ?
I remember having to write letter’s for French class that would be along the lines of ‘I would like to reserve accommodation on the 2nd of February, but only in French (That bit was translate into English, just in case you wouldn’t understand, wouldn’t want to lose the audience) yeah right pal you say, who travels in France in February and why cant you just go somewhere where they speak English ? I don’t really now the answer to that one, can you ask me an easier question ?

But ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ and this writing habit is one thing I would like to continue, I did it before for a bit. As a present to myself when I was a bit mentally down and out, and do you know ? It worked, I remember thinking how great it was, so if your reading this at a later stage in the future Kieran. your Fuc$%d. You are going to die, so you’d better make the most of it. Life does tend to get easier if you have a near death experience. Wakes you up from your ‘Little world’, The world is an amazing place after all, I remember thinking that when I was flying over Afghanistan on my way home to surprise the mother, I was probably flying from all the vodka and cokes as well, but flying all the same.

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