Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hello me, it's me again

And so roll’s on fab Wednesday, hump day as some might day, and I’m doing documentation, in word, or so that might seem. To be later posted online on da old blog if the truth was to be told. Maybe I should stand up and shout out something ‘Hey Fuckwits, here’s another classic example of how I have to amuse myself in this fu#$*n place’. But I’m a consultant so that wouldn’t happen, or so at least I hope not, image is everything and I probably look like a quiet fellow, remember image ?

This blog might save my sanity yet, time will tell.

What’s planned for later you say, well I might have the last sandwich in the fridge before leaving, leftover from a ‘Business meeting’, one of many in a place like this. If it’s gone then that might mean going into the kitchen at home and making a bit of a mess again.

Might be a gig on, well there will defiantly be a gig on, I live in Fitzroy after all, and there’s always something on.

Started reading a book yesterday about Rory Gallagher called ‘Riding Shotgun’ and what a book. The best bit is it’s a book I would have bought, I ‘Requested’ my local library to buy it and guess what, they did. What a service. I started reading it at 8.20 pm last night and by 9am today was half way through. Great read.

Here he is below :

There’s a story about how they were all either still drunk or hung over in an airport in the US and one of the band members had sunglasses on.
He made a bit of a dash to the gents and before he could get there vomited all over a blind man’s guide dog, but it looked like one blind man vomiting on another blind man’s dog.
The blind man at a later stage must have thought to himself ‘I think Fido’s been rolling in something’

Me paraphrasing might not be so funny, more the reason to read the book.

They bought another book for me called ‘Last man standing’, it’s about hurling goalkeepers I’ve read the chapter on the Cork Goalkeeper Donal og, tough job and if you make a mistake, expect a lynch mob to. Donal og was saying 2 goal’s he conceded in particular aunt him on a daily basis and the relives those moments.
After all it is an armature sport, serious stuff.

Me: Talk to yea later !!!
Other me in my head: Ok so

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