Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Last Daze

Wild ducks fly across the Siberian river at a temperature of around minus 20 degrees

Brrrr, should be around 1 degree at home, going from 25-30 to 1. But it is Christmas time, isnt it ? Hmmmm……..

Right I’m down to my last days in Oz and strangely enough it feels pretty good. I’m doing fine.
Been crashing on couch of Chris and a chick I met a few weeks ago Jamilla.

Funnily enough, was out with Jamilla 2 night’s ago went back to her place, had a few Jim Beams and a smoke or 2. Where there’s smoke there’s fire yeah fire. Maybe with all the bushfires going on, maybe that’s not too good a comment, but it did sound good at the time.
Which reminds me, a not so old but more on the overweight side was getting or trying to get off the tram yesterday and the doors closed on her. Eventually she got off, my comment was ‘Be quick or be dead drawing on my vast metal repertoire and ‘That’s poetry in motion, literally’ and it was the tram nearly took off with her jammed in the door’s and that wouldn’t have been too funny, after a while or maybe it would get funnier as time went on, and on, and on.

Going to the opera tonight with Chris, going to see Turandot. Chinese inspired that was banned up until Sep 1998, laugh at yourself China will you!!

Called up to see Gerard yesterday had Absinth for the first time, might explain how I fell off the bike, hmmm makes sense the more I think about it and especially when I move around.

Haven’t even told you about the mad and stupid landlord trying to stick a knife in me last week, what a silly man.
Got on to the local council to shift his 7 cars and a tow truck parked illegally, even in the ‘No Standing’ area. Unbelievable is all I can say to that, if I parked there for an hour I would get a ticket.

Will have to take Frankie to VCAT court ext year, it’s all a game and I’m super Mario jumping around the place. Wonder when I’ll get super powers.
Started watching Heroes, on of Chris copied off of someone else’s series not yet available in Oz. Anyway it’s good, do yourself a favor and get it on a hard drive and watch it. I’m not a fan of staying in at night .i.e. ‘Can’t do Thursday night, heroes is on at 8.30’ aw boo hoo, your life is being ruled by a little box in the corner of the room, fair enough I suppose. I suppose its better that your life being ruled by a bitch in high heels or not demanding attention, look at me Kimmey!!

Phillips is gone to India, Gerard is off tomorrow, I’m off on Sunday, ‘So Fuc#$n what’ he says. So what indeed, choice bro. [experiment with the English language there, wont now it was a success until Scholars are trawling through my work trying to figure out things like, ‘What drove him on’, ‘Who inspired him’, ‘Who or hat is don don’s’, ‘How did his plots and characters develop’] ok experiment is over, now all I have to do is play the waiting game……………………..

I’m bored, but writing this waffle tends to help


Sometimes in Russia trucks are used as a bridge pier.

This happened in Medvezhjegorsk city, 200 km North from Petrozavodsk in Karelia, Russia.

The driver of the truck tried to pass under the bridge with an opened load body.

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