Monday, December 04, 2006

Typing away on a Monday arvo, nothing else to do?

Another busy weekend.

What’s the story morning glory? I was reading about the benefits of writing, and their appears to be many benefits for all sort of ‘Things’ going on in your head. So it’s a good idea to do what I’m doing. Defiantly not the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, no not by a long shot.

Among the sensible thing’s I did on the weekend (Before I started partying with Ross and co.) was catching up with Cassie, at the market, the Prahran market to be exact.

I used to go there and have a free breakfast of bits of sausages and crackers and any other free food they were dishing out, some days I hit the jackpot. Great place to eat in an expensive area, and did I say fun, it was that too, Who says the best things in life aren’t free, they are, Prahran market of Saturday, yummy. 

Met up with Cassie’s mom, pretty chilled out, and went to rub the budgies in the flower shop on Chapel st. Not as good as when you come out of Revolver, but that’s another story, I had sleep.

I went to see Cassie’s piece of heaven, yep. I could be comfortable there, if I was settled that is. Not sure if I could get used to the idea of living in the same place for a long time. I like change, one day I might even shape shift. Some people believe in it.

I watched some program where a guy was saying ‘If you believe you can walk through a wall, you can walk through a wall’.

Henry Ford once said ‘If you think you won’t succeed your right twice’ or something like that, Eeek? That didn’t go too well.

Try something else, ok so.

Went to the Belgium Beer garden yesterday, but first I went to word. Not too many people there. Good fun as always.

Met a guy called Rob and is friend, can’t remember her name and had good craic. After they left I walked back to the band and met some other girls and hung out with them for a while, not a ad day in the sun. Not a bad day in all, then I came back to the city and had Hungry Jack’s, and why not, I’m nearly 30 years of age you know ?

Friday I caught up with Matt and went to Brown Alley, some German DJ, Michael Maher I think, and house ort of music up stairs. Good craic.

Met a girl who’s mother was into the German DJ, and, and the mother went clubbing more than the daughter. Hard to believe, but there you go.

Met another girl called Ruby who was shocked when I told her I had female friends, and after telling her that she said ‘You must come and see me in Sandringham, we can go for a walk along the beach, we can go for coffee……’ Very amusing. Have to give her a call, called her, no answer. Such as life.

That’s roughly what happened on the weekend, give or take a few other stories.

Might go the opera this week, more bands, and meet up with the Famous Ross and get the Iriver.
Sharlet mover out, and no bond was forthcoming, same old ding dong, that’s what you get sometimes I guess, when you expect these things it’s not so bad I suppose. I’ll look forward to getting screwed, oh Frank give it to me baby !!

Going to Splodge tonight, should be good. Have to call to the Library and get my Eminem cd back and pick up some other stuff.

Peace out


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