Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Been a long time, been a long time

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (on platform) waves to cheering supporters during his closing campaign rally in Caracas.

Well, well, well

Hmm, better start with the weekend, the last one, if I can recall it. Friday night I stayed local, oh, in fact I went to a festival on the Edinburgh gardens in North Fitzroy, great craic. Early one, went home for a smoke, woke up on my bed at 7am with clothes on, I was going to go to bar open but alas, never made it.

Woke up, finished the beer that was opened and went to sleep.

Woke up again and got up, I’m on a roll now. Walked to the library and found a perfect backpack, with may I add day pack, 2 weeks in Vietnam is probably all the action it’s ever seen. Could not believe my luck, nothing at all wrong with it. There was a printer next to it, should have picked that up too.

Met up with Cassie Bourke in Fitzroy for lunch. Went to the veggie bar and then to the artists market. Cassie was dreading going, well sort of expecting to see crap and ended up loving it. Called into see her friend in Collingwood.

Called into the Tote later was watched a band, met some chick that I was talking to 2 weeks ago in North Melbourne, but talk is cheap and I have lots of it :)

Went back to the festival in North Fitzroy, saw some shows. Ate the food, drank the wine, every body having a good time, but you, you were talking about the end of the world. Well that’s what Bono would say.

Got up next day, bright and early, no sleepin’s for me. No flies on me and off to the Sunday club. Met Ross and his girlfriend, left there and went to South Melbourne for a dim sim, met the Bev and Micks crew back from big night. Their friend (Barman from 2 Floors up) and lots of snake bit was consumed.

Went to the Belgium Beer garden and ad a pretty cool time. Good spot, might go there again next week.

Ben Watt is playing on Saturday night, should be good, big weekend. Friday night in Brown Alley, should be good.

Good link with a difference

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